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Service Charges

Standard Service Charges  

This pricing schedule is for services that you may require from us, that are NOT part of your everyday energy supply. Please note that these are standard service fees. Where additional work is required by an electrician, a Distributor, Meter Equipment Provider or any third party, this will involve an additional fee. We will on-charge to you any fees we receive from an electrician, Distributor or any other third party in relation to work performed at your request or work required because you have not complied with your obligations. 

It is important that you provide access to complete the service you have requested. If you fail to meet an arranged appointment or provide access, you will still have to pay the fee for the service requested.

 Below table shows prices for Urban, Rural and Remote areas.

  • URBAN - generally means installations within town boundary. 
  • RURAL - generally means installations outside town boundary; and 
  • REMOTE Rural - generally means installations greater than 20 km from a town boundary.

The following prices are indicative only. Charges need to be confirmed for each individual application. 

GST exclGST exclGST exclGST inclGST inclGST incl

Urban Rural Remote Urban Rural Remote

New Connection - Builder’s Temporary Supply $347.00$399.00$425.00$399.05$458.85
New Connection - Permanent Connection, including Certification$402.00$503.00$543.00$462.30
Remote Disconnection or Re-connection $94.00$94.00$94.00$108.10$108.10$108.10
Disconnection or Re-connection (incl temporary disconnection or reconnection)$239.00$291.00$317.00$274.85$334.65$364.55
Disconnection or Re-connection (after hours 4 pm - 7 pm, public holidays and weekends)$350.00$450.00$550.00$402.50$517.50$632.50

METERING FEE (cost of related work by electrician not included)

Change of pricing plan (no changes in meter required)$150.00
Meter / tariff change, incl. certification (replacing, removing, alteration, configuration/tariff change, bridging, capacity change, site visit). Charge is for 1st hr + $150/hr after 1st hour$287.00$339.00$365.00$330.05$389.85$419.75
Meter / tariff change,relay or load rewire, incl. certification (replacing, removing, alteration, configuration/tariff change, bridging, capacity change, site visit). Charge is for 1st hr + $150/hr after 1st hour$337.00 $389.00 $415.00$387.55$447.35
Meter / tariff change with switchboard relocation, incl. certification (replacing, removing, alteration, configuration/tariff change, bridging, capacity change, site visit). Charge is for 1st hr + $150/hr after 1st hour$526.00$630.00$682.00$604.90$724.50$784.30
Meter change (replacing smart meter with legacy meter). Charge is for 1st hr + $150/hr after 1st hour $400.00 $420.00 $450.00 $460.00$483.00$517.50
Faulty meter charge if meter proof to be accurate (meter: test, investigation, bridge, lab test, comms problem, revenue assurance). Charge is for 1st hr + $150/hr after 1st hour$355.00$408.00$434.00$408.25$469.20$499.10
Meter resealing, site visit, certification, inspection, investigation (Charge for 1st hr + $150/hr after 1st hr)$269.00$309.00$340.00$309.35$355.35$391.00
Unscheduled meter read (e.g. final read or check at your request)$103.00$103.00$103.00$118.45$118.45$118.45
After Hours Fee - Additional charge$150.00$150.00$150.00$172.50
Three phase premium, urgent premium (added to standard charge)$85.00$95.00$110.00$97.75$109.25$126.50
Cancellation Fee (cancelled before commenced or customer cannot be contacted, missed prearranged appointment or no access for prearranged contractor visit)$150.00


Cancellation Fee (technicians dispatched, cancelled when team on site or in transit)Full fee for the service at applicable job rate


Posting paper invoices by standard Post within New Zealand(on your request, per each invoice)$4.35$5.00

Late Payment Fee (10% is automatically charged on outstanding amounts)10%10% plus GST

Dishonoured payment$25$28.75

Debt management administration fee$21.75$25.00

Debt management fee, include transfer of debt to Baycorp $25.00$28.75    
Debt (or disconnection) site visit$75.00$86.25

Debt collection costsALL COSTSALL COSTS

Account Closure Fee$65.22$75.00

Bond Residential (per connection – minimum charge, if required, GST not applicable)$150GST n/a

Bond Business (per connection – minimum charge, or three times the average monthly charge. This is based on actual or estimated monthly charges, over the preceding 12 months, for the previous occupant. GST not applicable.)$500GST n/a

Standard Service Fees are effective as at 1 September 2018.  A combination of fees may apply to any given task - you will be advised when you request a service from us. Additional or special fees may apply for other related services not listed on this pricing schedule, these services will be priced on application. Multiple ICPs may incur additional fees.

 Sep 2018 v.20180917zpm