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Complaints Resolution Process

Complaints Resolution Process

If you have a complaint about our supply of energy to you please contact our free internal complaints service in the first instance.

Directly from your online electricity account by writing a ticket:

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03 456 2453


Payless Energy Limited

PO Box 2105

Dunedin 9044

We are also a provider of Utilities Disputes formerly known as Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner (EGCC) scheme – a free and independent industry complaints body.  We are committed to maintaining the standards contained in Utilities Disputes document.

  • We will try to resolve your complaint straight away and will acknowledge your complaint within 2 business days of receiving it. 
  • If we can’t resolve it straight away, we will give you a response within 7 business days.

  • If it is complex, and/or involves other parties, we will investigate on your behalf. If we refer you or your complaint to your Distributor or a meter owner we will let you know.

  • If we have not resolved your complaint within 20 business days and you have not been advised and agreed that more time is required you can refer your complaint with us to Utilities Disputes.

  • If your complaint has reached deadlock you have 12 months to refer the matter to Utilities Disputes for investigation


Contact details for Utilities Disputes






0800 22 33 40


0800 22 33 47


Utilities Disputes Ltd

PO Box 5875

Wellington 6140

Freepost 192682

If you remain unsatisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with, even after the intervention of the Utilities Dispute Ltd, you may pursue the matter in another forum, for example, the Disputes Tribunal or court system.

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