Contract for Delivered Electricity


This Contract sets out our Standard Terms and Conditions for delivered electricity. Our Contract with you includes these terms and conditions, your pricing plan(s) and any additional terms and conditions that relate to the specific services, payment options and/or products you obtain from us from time to time. These terms, plans and conditions apply where we supply you with electricity. Together, these comprise a legally binding agreement between us and you. Following links will take you to further Contract documents, each link opens in separate window:


Our main job as Electricity Retailer is to sell you electricity. To do this, we arrange for your local Lines Company to transport electricity to your Premises. We regularly read the Meters at your Premises and we offer a variety of price plans. We invoice you for the power you use and we offer different ways to pay. 

A contract is an exchange of promises.  In this contract, our main promise is to sell you electricity, and your main promise is to pay for the electricity you use.  The other promises we exchange are summarised below.

Key Features of Contract

Us (Payless Energy as retailer)

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You (as Consumer)

Distribution: We will arrange for electricity to be distributed to your Point of Connection.

Address: You will give us the correct address of where you want power delivered to.

Meter: We will provide you with an approved meter.

No tampering: You will not tamper with the meter.

Meter reading: We will accurately record how much power you use.

Access: You will give us reasonable access to your premises at reasonable times.

Vulnerable consumers: We will meet the requirements of the "Guidelines on arrangements to assist low income and vulnerable consumers".

Vulnerable consumers: You will advise us if disconnection presents a clear threat to the health or well-being of you or a member of your household.

Prices: We will give you at least 30 days’ notice before increasing our prices. 

Making payments and other obligations: You are responsible for paying for the services in this contract and for making sure your contractual obligations are met.

Invoices: We will send you accurate invoices.

Payment: You will pay our invoices on time.

Standards: We aim to meet certain minimum performance standards, as set up in our Terms.

Standards: You will seek to ensure your wiring and equipment complies with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements and the relevant network distribution code.

Standard Terms and Conditions: refer to Contract for Delivered Electricity

Safety & special needs: You will inform us of any hazards or special needs you may have.

Switching: We will transfer you to another retailer if you wish. 

Moving: You will give us three working days’ notice if you are moving premises.

Interruptions: Your supply may be interrupted for a variety of reasons. 

Surges: You should protect any sensitive equipment, like computers and TVs, against surges and fluctuations.

Complaints resolution: We will provide a free and fair dispute resolution process Complaints Resolution Process. If we cannot resolve a complaint in 20 working days then you can contact the free and independent Utilities Disputes Ltd

You are responsible for all the equipment (such as wiring) between your premises and your connection to the network.
The red line from the pole and the distribution box to the houses
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