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24/09/2015 - Outage Notification Unique ID 36968 - Highcliff , Hoopers Inlet., Macandrew Bay, Pukehiki Seal Point,

posted 23 Sept 2015, 20:54 by Payless Energy Limited   [ updated 24 Sept 2015, 01:32 ]
New Outage Notification
Unique ID          36968
Network            Aurora Energy - Dunedin Region
GXP                SD GXP - South Dunedin GXP

Started            24/09/2015 03:15 p.m.
Expected Restore   24/09/2015 05:15 p.m.

Cause              Tree
Status             Unknown - Faultmen travelling to site
Notes              Power will be off to consumers in the Portobello Rd,Wharfdale St, Porterfield St, Bayne Tce & Gorman St areas to clear trees from the HV line.
      Hoopers Inlet.
      Macandrew Bay
      Seal Point

Restored Outage Notification
Actual Restore     24/09/2015 05:03 p.m.
Cause              Tree
Status             Completed
Notes              Power was also off for the while feeder during restoration but now trees are removed and all power restored.