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15/07/2016 - Update Outage Notification ID 38714 - Cromwell, Clyde, Frankton - Area affected: Kinmont area - Chain Hills - Saddle Hill - Old Brighton RD

posted 14 Jul 2016, 23:42 by Payless Energy Limited
Update Outage Notification
Unique ID          38714
Network            Aurora Energy - Central Region
GXP                CML0331 - Cromwell
                   CML0331 - Cromwell
                   CYD0331 - Clyde
                   FKN0331 - Frankton

Started            15/07/2016 01:45 p.m.
Expected Restore   15/07/2016 08:01 p.m.

Cause              Unknown
Status             Unknown - Faultmen travelling to site
Notes              Area affected - Kinmont area - Chain Hills - Saddle Hill - Old Brighton RD
      Adamson Drive
      Arrowtown East
      Arrowtown West
      Arthurs Point
      Ashworth St
      Bantry Street
      Barry Ave.
      Belfast Tce
      Boundary Road
      Boundary Road Industrial
      Bridge Hill
      Bruces Hill
      Bruce's Hill 
      Burn Cottage Road
      Butel Road
      Camp St
      Cardrona Skifield
      Cardrona Town
      Cardrona Valley
      Central Business Area
      Central Businss Area
      Chapman Road
      Clutha St
      Clyde Township
      Cornish Point
      Coronet Peak Skifield
      Cromwell East
      Cromwell Gorge
      Cromwell West
      Crown Terrace
      Dublin St
      Dunstan Hospital
      Dunstan Road
      Earnscleugh Road
      Earnslaw Tce
      Endinburgh St
      Ettrick Town
      Frankton Rd
      Fruitgrowers Road
      Gorge Creek
      Hallenstien St
      Hensman Rd
      Highview Tce
      Hogans Gully Rd
      Hogans Gully Road
      Industrial Area
      Island Block
      Lake Dunstan Estate
      Lake Hayes Rd
      Lake Hayes Road
      Littles Road
      Lowburn Valley
      Malaghans Road North
      Malaghans Road South
      Mallaghans Road
      Marsh Road
      McDonnell Road
      Melbourne St
      Millers Flat
      Moa Flat
      Mooney Road
      Morvern Ferry Road
      Mutton Town
      Orchard Drive
      Panaroma Tce
      Panorama Tce
      Primary School
      Raes Junction
      Royal Terrace
      SH6 to Pisa Flat
      Shingle Creek
      Snow Park
      Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground 
      Speargrass Flat
      Speargrass Flat Rd
      Stanley St
      Strode Road
      Teviot Road
      Veint Cres
      Ventry St
      Waikerikeri Valley
      Wakatipu Heights
      Windsor Place
      York St