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03/02/2016 - Outage Notification Unique ID 37719 - Dalmore

posted 10 Feb 2016, 02:39 by Payless Energy Limited
Outage Notification
Unique ID          37719
Network            Aurora Energy - Dunedin Region
GXP                HWB GXP - Halfway Bush GXP

Started            03/02/2016 08:46 p.m.
Expected Restore   03/02/2016 11:36 a.m.

Cause              Damaged Cable
Status             Unknown
Notes              This was for an outage last night that indicated the cause was "internet - Cable Failure'. The actual cause was 'Damaged Cable', as it was an LV cable that failed.

Restored Outage Notification
Actual Restore     03/02/2016 11:46 p.m.
Status             Completed