If you experience an unannounced power outage, your line company may be carrying a maintenance or a repair work in your area, that requires turning the power supply off for the safety of the linemen. 

In case of ELECTRICITY FAULT please check your line company's outage information first - by clicking on respective link below.


Aurora  0800 433 582 

PowerNet  0800 808 587


Electricity Invercargill  0800 808 587 

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Network Waitaki 0800 440 220  

Alternatively call us on 03 456 2453 during business hours only

Please treat all appliances as being 'live' and 'hot' for the entire outage time. It means removing all pots, towels, and other flammable items, so nothing could catch fire when the power supply is 
restored. Keep safe always.

If it is a Planned Outage within the PowerNet and OtagoNet JV Networks you will be informed of the outage via mail which they will send.