Switching to Payless Energy

How do I switch to Payless Energy?  

Simply complete our on-line Switch to us Application Form and submit it. It might take up to 10 minutes, that's all. We will do the rest.

Is Payless Energy available in my area?  

Payless Energy supplies electricity in the following regional Networks: Aurora Network, OtagoNet JV - Otago, OtagoNet JV - Lakeland, Network Waitaki and Nelson. Contact us and we let you know when we will be available in your area.

Why should I switch to Payless Energy?  

Payless Energy is 100% Dunedin owned and operated - we employ locally and through our innovative fundraising program support our local charitable causes. We are an independent and highly innovative electricity retailer, whose internet based operation is designed to be as efficient as possible, while passing the savings on to our customers. Our policy is to keep our electricity prices as low as possible for the benefit of our customers. Since we schedule our meter reading on monthly basis, you can expect accurate billing with no nasty surprises.

Can I switch my gas supply to Payless Energy?  

No, we do not supply gas. You can switch to Payless Energy for your electricity supply and remain with the gas supply with your current supplier.

Do I need to pay bond or other charges to switch to Payless Energy?

We may require bond payment of $150, which is refunded after 12 months, providing that you paid all your bills with us on time. For more information please refer to our Terms. Connection or re-connection fee may be also applicable, as described in our Standard Service Charges schedule.

Do I need to talk to my previous power company if I switch to Payless Energy?  

No, you don’t need to talk to them; we will do it for you and arrange the transfer for you. They are obliged to let you switch if you wish.

Does someone have to come to my house before I can switch?

Not necessarily, but you can expect a meter reader to come to do the final meter reading for your previous company. You don’t need to talk to them; we will do it for you and arrange the transfer.

Billing and Payments for Electricity

When will I receive my first electricity bill?  

As soon as your switch to Payless Energy is complete, you will receive your first electricity bill typically in 4 weeks, following your first scheduled meter reading.

Will I receive my paper bills in the mail?  

To save on paper and time, we normally send our bills electronically. Receiving a paper bill in the mail can be requested at additional charge of $5 per each paper bill posted.

How often will I get my bill?  

Your bill will be issued monthly following each scheduled meter reading.

How will I pay for electricity?  

You can pay your account by: 

What is my ICP number and were can I find it?  

Your ICP number (Installation Control Point) is the electricity industries unique identifier for the supply of energy to your property. This number can be found at the top right hand corner of your Payless Energy bill.

Meter Reading

How often you will read my meter?  

Your meter will be read monthly within Dunedin urban area.

Do I have to read my electricity meter myself if I missed the scheduled meter reading?

You do not have to, as we can estimate your electricity consumption for the billing purpose. Otherwise, if you read your meter you can forward it to us through your online electricity account with us. Note however, that we must be able to get your meter reading by our contractor at least once every four months. If we cannot achieve it during our scheduled reading, we will arrange for a special after hours reading, at additional cost to you, as specified in our Standard Service schedule.