Terms and conditions apply - Obtaining a free day’s worth of electricity on Payless Energy Limited customer’s birthday are based on a yearly average consumption. The promotion only applies to those customers who have been with the company for twelve months or more and one person per primary residence. Starts 31 May 2018.

SWITCH  to Payless Energy

 and enjoy consistently CHEAPER electricity with SIMPLER invoice layout and the old fashion Customer CARE

Welcome to Payless Energy Limited, an independent  electricity retailer based  in Dunedin. We supply domestic, residential, commercial and industrial customers from Invercargill through Otago up to the Waitaki area, as well as the Nelson area. Our electronic monthly billing is accurate, on time and easy to follow.  No winter price increase. Various payment options to choose from. No extra fees for payments by credit cards. You will save with us while supporting a good cause at the same time, a double feel-good factor. While most other electricity retailers kept increasing their prices, Payless Energy has consistently kept its prices low. An average household can save up to $500 per year by switching to Payless Energy.  Switch over to us and start saving.

Save $500 - PLEL supply area 11Nov2016

 You don't need to live on Clover street to switch to Payless Energy… 
and when you do switch to us you don't get glowing bugs with it either… 
and we don't make you sit naked on your couch to get renewable power from us! 
Oh yeah, and we don't entice you with sign up credits only to charge you more later.
Still having doubts? Read this:

Don’t be fooled by all the advertising you see, be smart, save with Payless Energy and support local jobs at the same time.


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