Welcome to Payless Energy Limited, the Dunedin based Electricity supplier, 100% locally owned & operated. We offer the best pricing plans, standard and low fixed charges options for domestic consumers, and very competitive pricing plans for commercial and industrial consumers. 
Our promise is to read your meter every month* and charge a fair price, to keep things simple and easy to follow, to embrace new technologies for better and more cost effective service delivery, to employ locally and share the benefits with local community. Our aim is to provide electricity cheaper and smarter, while offering fundraising opportunity for local clubs and charities. You will save with us while supporting a good cause at the same time - a double feel good factor. Payless Energy supplies electricity in the entire Otago area, Waitaki area, and the Neslon areaSwitch over to us and start saving. 

Save $500 - PLEL supply area 11Nov2016
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You don't need to live on Clover street to switch to Payless Energy… 
and when you do switch to us you don't get glowing bugs with it either… 
and we don't make you sit naked on your couch to get renewable power from us! 
Oh yeah, and we don't entice you with sign up credits only to charge you more later.

For the no frills CONSISTENTLY cheapest power, switch to your ONLY local supplier: Payless Energy.

Be smart, don’t be fooled by all the advertising you see, be smart, save with Payless Energy and support local jobs at the same time.

Still having doubts? Read this:

TEN good REASONS for switching to Payless Energy

  1. Pay less for your electricity bills and save money
  2. Accurate invoicing   
  3. Monthly meter reading*
  4. Simple invoice layout
  5. Prompt online invoicing 
  6. Secure Internet payment option 
  7. No Term Agreement**
  8. Personalised service
  9. Locally based Account Managers
  10. Fundraising opportunity

Sounds good?  Why not apply here to switch to Payless Energy and start enjoying your saving now?

Want to know more?  Simply leave your name and contact details here and will get back to your as soon as possible.
  *) Monthly meter reading applies to all Urban areas, the RD addresses are read 2-monthly
**) Conditions apply, for more info go to our Acceptance Criteria

While most other electricity retailers kept increasing their prices, Payless Energy has consistently kept its prices low. According to the latest Consumer Powerswitch price trends in Dunedin, Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes, an average consumer can save up to $500 per annum by switching to Payless Energy. Check for yourselves how much you can save - just identify the relevant graph to your region below. The graphs have been prepared by Consumer Powerswitch, and are published on their website.